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At AET Kunststoffe we focus on quality and environmental protection. We are pleased to demonstrate this with the following ISO and renewable energy certificates.
Your contact at A.E.T. is Mr. Karl-Heinz Bohlscheid.
Zertifikat DIN ISO 9001
As a long-standing producer of high-quality plastic products, we attach great importance to the perfect processing of our products and focus on sustainability.
Our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 offers you an insight into our quality standards and the quality management behind them.
Through regular internal audits we ensure a consistently high quality.
By constantly improving our products, we ensure that we will continue to meet all the requirements for our plastic products in the future.
Source: Wikipedia DIN EN ISO 9001
Zertifikat ISO 14001 2023
At the same time, our DIN EN ISO 14001 certification guarantees that we have improved our production according to ecological aspects.
Already in 2015 we have started to adapt and continuously develop our production processes according to the guidelines of DIN EN ISO 14001.
In doing so, we use state-of-the-art technologies that meet our production expectations in an energy-saving manner.
We also pay attention to a high sustainability of our products and a constant high quality by regular internal quality controls.
Source: Umweltbundesamt DIN EN ISO 14001
Zertifikat erneuerbare Energie
To ensure that our efforts for an ecologically optimised production are successful, we have completely converted our production to 100% green electricity together with our partner Innogy.
We can document the green electricity according to §79 of the law for renewable energies (EEG) and also prove demand.
Thus our customers can be sure that our products have a very good ecological balance.
We will continue to make every effort to ensure ecologically high-quality production in the future, so that our customers benefit from this.
Naturstromzertifikat E.ON
We are proud to present our latest certificate: The Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Certificate. As a company committed to sustainability and environmental protection, we are environmental protection, we are pleased to present our efforts in this area. in this area.
Our Renewable Energy Certificate is proof of our commitment to promoting a clean and sustainable energy supply. We source all our energy needs from renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind power and hydropower. By making this conscious decision, we are significantly reducing our carbon footprint and actively contributing to the fight against climate change.
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