A heat shrink sleeve from AET Kunststoffe protects every cable

Schrumpfschläuche glatt
With us you can order soft PVC shrink tubing with a shrink ratio of 2: 1, which are produced in the standard color black. A.E.T. is one of the few German companies that produce and expand heat shrink tubing. In addition to the required order information, only one production sample is required for accurate dimensioning.

Fields of application of our heat shrink tubing

The application areas for heat shrink tubing are wide-ranging and they are used in numerous industries. Every shrink tube has to fit perfectly to the respective application area. We can therefore cover all areas from prototype development to series production so that the customer receives a perfect end product. Our heat-shrinkable hoses are also designed for the respective external influences, so that weather conditions, heat, chemical components and electronic influences have no influence on the quality.Upon request, we can tailor these heat shrink sleeve properties to our customer's needs.
Die optimale Schrumpfrate spielt bei der Entwicklung und Herstellung ebenfalls eine  tragende Rolle. Alle Schrumpfschläuche müssen deshalb perfekt abgestimmt werden, da sie im jeweiligen Einsatzgebiet mitunter große Schäden vermeiden und höchsten Anforderungen entsprechen müssen. Die jeweilige Schrumpfrate wird deshalb von mehreren Faktoren beeinflusst. 
Bei der Sanierung alter Kabel über und unter dem Erdreich kommen zumeist  Spezialschrumpfschläuche zum Einsatz, die die Sanierung oftmals wesentlich erleichtern. Solche Kabelreparaturschläuche können wir ebenfalls für alle Bereiche individuell anfertigen. 

Transparent heat shrink tubing

With regard to the optical requirements of a shrink tubing, we can also fulfill all your wishes. If the respective cables are always visible, then we manufacture transparent heat shrink tubes, which still leave the respective specifications visible. Transparent shrink hoses also have a high resistance to external influences. Therefore, scope is also broad.If you want to use a heat shrink tubing, we recommend our special heat protection tubing, which is used in the automotive industry and many other industries.

Processing ashrinkable tube

All of our heat shrink tubing can shrink to the desired fit when exposed to heat. The selection criteria for a heat shrink tubing can be individually discussed with us. Here you should inform about the desired wall thickness including the required shrinkage mass.
You should also determine the respective thickness of the cable or other products so that we can provide you with an optimal offer for the shrinking tube. At AET Kunststoffe, you can order thin-walled, medium-walled and thick-walled shrink tubing.

Shrink rate of oneshrinkable tube

The desired shrinkage rate is also of elementary importance, because afterwards we align our base material and can thus determine the perfect shrinkage ratio. Our shrink tubing shrink in the ratio 2: 1. Since heat-shrinkable tubes change their shape not only in diameter but also in length when heated, you should also specify their desired dimensions here.
In addition, the shrinkage temperature is important because the base material of the shrink tube has a high impact. You should also know the temperature fluctuations that have to be covered after using the shrink tube. If you have any questions about a specific heat shrink tubing, then contact us. We're here to help.
Further information on dimensions, colors, special designs and fixed lengths is available on request.
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